At Collision Youth we believe that everyone has the right to have a fun and safe night and that everyone is responsible for their own behaviour.

    Our core rules are:
    Hands off – No violence or inappropriate touch, if someone doesn’t want to be touched, don’t do it. If you want a hug, better call mum!

    Feet off – We have boundaries to keep everyone safe. No participants are allowed in unsupervised areas, the church kitchen, or on the sound desk unless permitted by one of the leaders.

    Eyes off – We are not at youth group to check each other out and want to avoid making others feel uncomfortable. Dressing appropriately is important for this reason. No singlets, short skirts, or midriff tops are allowed. You will be asked to change if leaders deem your clothes inappropriate.

    Mouths off – There’s enough negativity in the world. Let’s use our words to build each other up and not tear each other down. No swearing, using the Lord’s name in vain or back chatting will be tolerated.

    Our leaders volunteer their Friday nights each week because they love Jesus and want to share His love with you. Please listen to and respect the leaders.

    We follow a three strike policy to help manage behaviour. 3 strikes and you will be sitting out of the games for the rest of the night. If the bad behaviour continues parents may be called to pick them up.

    About Us

    Our mission at Collision Youth is to Love God, Love others and make disciples of Jesus.

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