Chill Night/Lock-in

    This week, as our last week for 2022, we are having a Chill Night… but as it is our most requested night each year, it is also a Lock-In. To help with catering, RSVP using the below form is essential!

    Chill Night

    From 6:30pm until 9:30pm, we will be having our regular Collision Youth chill night with a little bit of Christmas Festiveness. We will have a variety of chill (and not-so chill) activities – board games, Just Dance, Sing Star and many others.

    At 9:30pm, our year 6 friends and anyone else who needs to go to bed, will leave us and the lock-in will truly begin.

    Please bring a wrapped gift under $5 for Secret Santa.


    From 9:30 pm, we will continue the Chill Night, but perhaps with a little less energy than we began.

    For those who still have energy, we will be climbing Mount Ngungun to watch the sunrise.

    After the sunrise adventurers return from Mount Ngungun, we will have breakfast before farewelling y’all for last time for 2022 as your parents pick you up at 9am.

    Those who find themselves falling asleep, will find themselves with new face art and shot with Nerf bullets.

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