Collision Youth are currently promoting the D.I.G Challenge.

    This is a bible reading challenge designed to get teenagers reading their bibles more often, more effectively and with greater rewards.

    D.I.G Challengers are given a FREE journal and a D.I.G bookmark (starting at level 1 and going up to level 10).

    These bookmarks have the bible passages required to pass each level. Teens are encouraged to read the passage in their own bible, write out the main points of the passage in their journal and also record how this passage applies to their lives and what God is saying to them through the passage.

    Once each level has been completed, teens can return their bookmark to a leader at youth group and in turn receive the next level.

    Once the tenth level of the challenge has been completed, teens will receive a gift from Collision Youth. Hopefully they will also have learned some helpful tools in studying the bible more effectively for themselves at home.

    Information and Downloads associated with the D.I.G Challenge can be found at this address: digyourbible.com

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