Our Mission

The mission of Collision Youth is threefold:

Mission 1:  To offer a safe, positive alternative program on Friday nights.

Teenagers want to be active and have fun. On Friday nights many teenagers are hanging out down at the skate park or hanging out down town with nothing to do. Bored teens with nothing to do on a Friday night is a bad thing. Teens can easily get involved in doing dumb and even illegal things in order to make their Friday nights more interesting. We try to offer an alternative and safe environment where teens can come hang out with their friends and have a blast experiencing a bit of excitement and adventure. Then they can go safely home.

We believe that teenagers need a bit of action and adventure in their lives in order to develop properly. All too often that drive for action and adventure leads teens into wild parties, drugs, hooning, and fights.

At Collision we do stuff like bonfires, camping trips, laser zone, ice skating and typical youth group games. We do treasure hunts, messy games; beach nights… whatever we believe will be a safe, fun, alternative option to your stereotypical ‘schoolies style’ Friday night.

Mission 2: We aim to give teen’s positive role models, who are still young, but are making positive life choices.

Many of the Youth Leaders for our group are between the ages 18 and 26. We also have a few older leaders who offer some invaluable wisdom. But the majority of us are relatively young.

We run this group so that we can be positive role models who can still relate to the current circumstances our teens find themselves in.   We don’t believe that Kim Kardashian is a good role model. We don’t believe that Snoop Dog is a good role model.

We do believe in modelling a life style that shows you can be young, free and fun without needing to resort to dressing like a porn star, breaking the law or experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

We do what we do because we want our teens to understand that making positive life choices is a smart move and will ultimately give you more joy and freedom in life.

Mission 3: To explain and express the love God has for us all.

We are a church based youth group and we believe that only a life with God brings us satisfaction. It’s like going to the beach… if you swim in the ocean… you’re going to get wet.  If you come to a Church you’re going to hear about the love of Jesus.  We can’t help it!

All the leaders at Collision are Christians and enjoy talking about their faith in Jesus. That being said… We can never force anyone to believe what we do.

At Youth we share what God has done in our lives and try to explain what it means to have a relationship with God. Our goal is to ensure that every teen understands what it means to be a Christian and whether they decide to become a Christian or not is entirely their own choice. We simply encourage the teens to think about it so that they can make an informed choice.

This world is a place where often teens are encouraged to live without regard to the way God intended us to live. We find that teens are encouraged to hate the things of God without truly understanding who God is. We find that many of our teens have a very strange idea of who the God of the Bible is.

A lot of teens have learned that God is a curse word. Others come out of really hard situations where life hurts and they are searching for truth and love in a messed up world.

Many of our teens find it difficult to understand what our rebellion from God does to us. We have all rebelled against God and it’s important for us to know that. It’s just as important for us to know that God loves us unconditionally and that God wants to forgive us of our rebellion against him. God wants to change our rebellious hearts and help us to live a life that honours him.

However, whether we accept or reject God is entirely our own choice.

This means that every Friday night we endeavour to break into discussion groups and talk about the Bible and what God says about teen issues and life in general.

It’s not like we are going out knocking people around with the Bible. We simply share about what God has done in our lives and want to tell others about the saving grace and unconditional love we have found in Jesus.

We also try to answer any questions put forward by the teens regarding Christianity and faith in God.

If you would like to join the group or if you have any questions about our program please contact me at:

                Email:    [email protected]

                Ph:         0438347147

                Or like us on Facebook! Just type in ‘Collision Youth‘.


Isaiah Logan

Youth Worker

Glasshouse Country Baptist Church

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