We’re On Holidays!

Thanks for stopping by!  We’re currently on holidays but go ahead and like our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram for updates about school holiday events and Term 1 2018!

16 thoughts on “THIS WEEK!

  1. Hi, do the kids need to be at Collision tonight to sign up for Laser Skirmish? Both Maddy and Alex would love to sign up, but can’t get there tonight.

  2. Hi Kirsten,

    No, they don’t have to be here tonight. The RSVP form will be posted on the website on the website sometime this weekend and shared on Facebook until all spots are filled.


  3. Hi Cara,

    We have no plans to cancel Laser Skirmish tonight. Don’t forget your membership form!


  4. Hello, If we don’t have anything could we just design our own costume as close as we can get it to either pirate or ninja

  5. Hi Bethany,

    Dressing up is not essential. It will just add to the fun. Even just coming in an eye patch or with a hook on your hand would be awesome.

  6. After tonight can you please post what the mystery away night is for the people that couldn’t make it tonight?

  7. Hi Ruby,

    It will be posted up in due time… what I can tell you is that you won’t have to RSVP for this first one.

    Matthew (T2)

  8. Hi, My brother and I couldn’t make it last week the bonfire and we couldn’t rsvp for Inflatable World – Are there still spaces left or is there an rsvp form coming?

  9. Hi do we still have to meet you at the church at 6:00pm if are parents are taking us ?

  10. Hi Gus,

    Laser tag is around the school, but we’ll be starting at the church at 6.30pm.

    Mat V

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